Double Stand Bag & Double Zipper Bag Making Machine

The machine is suitable for manufacturing two-layer of multi-layer three-side sealing compound

Film bags made with the basic materials like BOPP,OPP,CPP,PE,nylon,aluminium foil,paper,etc.

It can assemble the zipper and automatically produce vertical bags.The machine is characterized

By simp;e operation,flat prducts,beautiful shape,higher hot strength for sealing,quickness in bag making. It is an ideal packing bag making equipment.It is applicable for all kinde of compound film material.

Characteristics and Performance:

1.The whole machine employs imported PLC,man-machine interface centralized control,featuring stable

Performance,easy operation and maintenance.

2.The feeder with an automatic constant ten sion controller,and LPC with an automatic feeder with an AC

Freauency constant speed.

3.Controller with an imported dual servo dragging material.

4.Upper-lower sealing pressure AC frequency motor drive.

5.The temperature of the stamping tools employ PID adjuster,automatic control without touch point,

a centralized setter with a man-machine interface.

6.Pneumatic multifunction automatic punching,automatic cutting off side material and,static electric


7.Temperature:adjustable 0-300.

8.Counter:automatic quantity and batch accumulatice counter,with preset function.

9.Working method:making bag by fixing length and,bag making with photoelectric cells,zippered bags,

Vertical bags.

10.Punching mode:it can set continually,intermittently,pause, and the punching time can be preset.

11.Multiplied feeding mode 1-6times.

12.Batch delivery function:the worktable can delivery by batch,and the batch quantity can be preset.


Main parameter:



Max.Diameter of roll material


Max.Width of main roll material


Max.Width of auxiliary roll material



150 Pieces/min

Max.Mechanical speed

Approx. 35m/min

Max.Bag making width


Max.Bag making length


Total power




Oerall dimension


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