Multi-Functional Non-Woven Fabrics Bag-Making Machine


These kinds of bag making are a Multifunctional non-woven fabric bag making machine, whole machine can produce soft non-woven fabric packaging, such as Non-woven vest bag, flat bag, reticule, shoes bag, Leisure bag, shopping bag, environmental protection bag etc. It is an ideal and effective bag making equipment.

Performance and Characteristics:

1, The machine is controlled by micro-computer, and it adopts stepping motor to feed materials.

2, The machine fixes the length at random, and has accurate and stable photoelectric tracking. If any missing bags, it will stop running automatically.

3, It has Automatic Air Pressure Punching and automatic thermostat, and it has automatic stopping while the materials are not in regular work.

4, It has automatic counter and can set the counting alarm.

5, The material feeding is controlled by photo-electricity, and it can automatically rectify the deviation while locating the materials.

6, The bottom of bag is welded in roll-type by ultrasonic to ensure the substance and stability.

7, It is suitable for making Non-woven vest (t-shirt)bag, Non-woven flat bag, Non-woven flat with handle bag Non-woven rope(shoes) bag etc. (Add puncher for vest bag, handle making and welding bag machine for flat with handle bag).

Main parameter:

Model JM-B500 JM-B500 JM-B500
Products Flat bags T-shirt bags Rope bags
Material Width (mm) 1200 1200 1200
Speed (pcs/min. ) 20-80 20-80 20-80
Bag Weight (gsm) 25-100 25-80 25-60
Bag Width (cm) 10-60 20-42 10-45
Bag Length (cm) 15-49 30-60 15-49
Voltage (v) 380/220 380/220 380/220
Power (kw) 9 9 9
Weight (kg) 1850 1850 1850
Size (mm) 9700x1700x1800 9700x1700x1800 9700x1700x1800
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